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1934 Oldsmobile Coupe

The Men

Behind the Cars

Snake River Street Rods culminates in the numerous talents of Tim O'Keefe and Eddy Robbins. With thirty years combined

restoration experience, they bring not just a touch of class to your classic, but a look that will truly turn people's heads. Tim unleashes his amazing abilities and artistic eye to metal fabrication and body work. Eddy's equally artistic and sensational talents for laying down custom paint and a mirror finish are second to none.


Tim's passion for cars began in high school when he bought and restored a 1967 Chevelle Malibu that he sadly no longer owns. Tim missed it so much he is currently restoring his second generation '67 Chevelle.  Eddy's relationship with cars began much the same way.  He still owns his original 1967 Pontiac GTO that he and his wife enjoyed on their first date which is now being restored as well.  From that time forward both always had a car project in the works and little did they know this would grow into their lifelong profession.


Since their partnership formed in 2008, their restorations have won numerous awards across the country.  Past projects include the daunting task of complete body work and custom paint for a two man carbon fiber jet aircraft, photos of which can be found in our Gallery.  When finished the jet looked so hot they were hired to do the same to a second one located in Los Angeles, CA.  So if you want the best of

the best, talk to Tim and Eddy at

Snake River Street Rods


1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass



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